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The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire

Hello and welcome to the Young Reader's Review! Today, I am not going to review a novel because I thought that it would be interesting for me to not only step outside of my comfort zone, but also to introduce new book genres to you guys. If you watch YouTube videos, then you are probably familiar with danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil. Well, if you have never ever heard of them in your entire life, then no matter how old you are I strongly encourage you to go immediately check out their videos because they are milk-spitting hilarious. So I am not here today to express how much I am obsessed by Dan and Phil (even though I could talk about them for hours), but I am here to review their new book that made fans go absolutely hysterical: The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire (TABINOF). I also found it nice to review this book because like you have perhaps noticed, a lot of youtubers have written books in the past three years and this one really stands out from the others. I have to admit that t…