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1984 versus Brave New World

Hello and welcome once again to The Young Reader’s Review! Winter has now arrived; wind blows and numbs our limbs, the trees have been denuded and the summer sky has been shrouded with lingering grey billows that darken our days. Yet, the relaxing holidays are approaching little by little. So sit back on your couch, drink a hot chocolate while you savor the warmth of the fireside, and enjoy this exciting new book review: Brave New World by Aldous Huxley versus 1984 by George Orwell. If you haven’t read these books, either find them now to read as promptly as possible or go see my previous book reviews about them. 
If you have been among us for a while, you might know that 1984 was my very first book-blog review. Without this book, that is very sentimentally important to me, this blog would probably not have existed. A couple of weeks later, I reviewed another one of my favorite books: Brave New World. After this, I was officially hooked on dystopian literature. 

Dystopian fiction: an im…