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The Stranger

Hello and welcome to the Young Reader's Review! The book I am going to review today is somewhat…unique. And somewhat strange. That’s one the reasons why the book of this week is called: The Stranger (Originally called L’Etranger in French and apparently it can also be called The Outsider) by the legendary Albert Camus.  
This book seems very simple to understand. The vocabulary is clear, easy and rather basic. The story itself is quite banal. But the thing is, the storyline is just a cover, the door, to Camus’ crazy little world. The ideas behind the book are extremely strong and deep which is why this book’s genre is “philosophy of the absurd and existentialism”.I don’t know about you but the name of the genre just makes my spine tingle. It seems complicated and it is, which is why I strongly encourage you to get a book that explains the story behind the story. Because figuring out what Camus really meant was more than hard. 
So let’s start off with the storyline.The story takes pl…