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Hello and welcome to The Young Reader's Review! So today, like always, I am going to review a mind-blowing story: Dune (Book One) by the genius Frank Herbert. I decided to write about this book because we can say that it marked the beginning of science-fiction’s popularity, and it is probably the greatest science fiction novel ever written.So let’s start this review, shall we?

Personally, the beginning and the end of this story were my favorite sections of this book. But don’t get me wrong- I still adored this book all together. The reason for this is that in the incipit of the story, we directly enter this insane world and it’s extremely captivating and intriguing. You devour the pages because of the itch to know more. The end leaves you full of suspense and many devastating things happen towards the end making you feel like an emotional wreck.

The story takes place in about 20-21 000 years, in space. The humans have taken over many planets spread out in the entire galaxy. Doesn’t …