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The Tell-Tale Heart

Hello and welcome once again to The Young Reader's Review! Alas, we have plunged into the most pleasant and agreeable time of the year: mid-summer! The past preoccupations from school and work have fully disappeared and stay only a distant, vague memory and we cannot help but give in to the soothing and appeasing sun. Moreover, if you have already encountered this blog before, you might recall that I have reviewed “The Masque of the Red Death”, a short story by the word-widely famed Edgar Allan Poe. So today, I have decided to review another short story by this author I am very so fond of; “The Tell-Tale Heart”. 
For those who don’t know, Edgar Allan Poe is a writer from the 19th century and who we can say was somewhat devoted to Gothic Fiction. This style of writing includes elements that have to do with death, fear, gloom and horror but we can also find some romantic elements such as nature, love, individuality and high emotions. This was of course quite seen as transgressive a…