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Pride and Prejudice

Hello and welcome to The Young Reader's Review! Today is an awful day- the clouds have been vehemently spitting thick rain that has been smiting the streets all around, making bitterness and nostalgia of the sunny days of summer latently rise within us. Hopefully this book review will be a welcomed distraction from these sources of despair. So today I am going to be reviewing once again a must-read classic(perhaps you are starting to notice a recurrent pattern): Pride and Prejudice by the one and only Jane Austen. 

This is one of those books that you will most probably cross paths with sometime in your education, either by perusing and studying it in the classroom or if curiosity snatches you and grips on to you. Anyway, you must read this classic since it is one of the best literary legacies from the Georgian Era (this era covers 1714-1830 and is marked by the reign of the four Hanoverian kings of Great Britain: George I- George IV) and is representative of the enormous transform…