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The Giver

Hello! Welcome to The Young Reader's Review! Today I am going to review an amazing book called: The Giverwritten by one of my favorite authors, Lois Lowry. You probably have heard of this book one way or another. Either you saw or heard of the film that came out quite recently, or you’ve read the book, or maybe someone talked to you about it. Anyway, this book is so popular it’s hard to miss. That said, let’s get this review started!
So in this book, the main character is an eleven year old boy called Jonas who lives in a world where everything is perfect. There are no wars, no crimes, no pain and no fear. The perfect utopia in other words. This is sadly too good to be true! But, beneath all of this is a world where there is literally no happiness. Everything is arranged and nothing is left to chance. For example, when you turn twelve, you are assigned a job based on what you are good at and capable of. Marriages are also arranged and babies are born from “birthmothers”. 
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