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Hello! Welcome to the Young Reader's Review! So most of us have started school or work and…it’s tough. Coming back to reality is always tough. But good thing there are books to help us go through this! This week I’m going to review a book again by Rainbow Rowell: Fangirl. Enjoy!
At some point in our lives, we have all been a bit obsessed over something. It doesn’t matter if it’s a book, a movie, series or even a person. At the end, deep down, we are all Fangirls and Fanboys which is why we can all relate to this book’s protagonist: Cather Avery.
Cath is what we could call a normal girl. She has a twin called Wren. Ever since Cath and Wren were small, they have been really close and were both big fans of this book series called Simon Snow written by a fictional author called Gemma T. Leslie. Cath and her sister contributed to this fandom by writing fanfictions about Simon, the main character, and his enemy, Baz.
The problem is that, now Cath and Wren are both freshmans in college. Wr…

The Fault In Our Stars

Welcome to the Young Reader's Review! I am sorry I haven´t been posting, I was on vacation and didn't have regular access to wifi. I had the time to read a lot books that I will soon review. But before this, I have to write about a book that´s been BIG this year. Every teen girl read this. It is like they had to! It made you laugh, smile and cry. It's one of John Green's amazing books: ☁The Fault In our Stars ☁

To start off if you haven't read this book please put the device you are reading this article with down and run to your closest book store to buy it. This story exploded Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook. Thousands of fanfics have been written. It has to be epic to be this big! So if you've haven't read this book I will persuade you to read it and if you did you can enjoy the book review and maybe you will see this book in a different way.

Hazel Grace Lancaster is a sixteen year old girl with lung cancer. Ever since she was small, she has had lung pro…