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Brave New World

So ever since I read 1984, I have been absolutely obsessed by dystopic books and their ideas, which is why today I am going to review another dystopic classic: Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. So lie down in the summer sun and relax while reading this brand new review.
The story takes place in London in 632 After Ford. So you must ask yourself who Henry Ford is. We are talking about the one who made the car company; Ford. In the book, his mass production of the Model-T inspired people to mass-produce people. So for the characters in the book we can relate to him as a god.
To mass-produce people? How is that possible?
In laboratories, they have big artificial embryos where the babies are created. One egg can produce 96 identical babies. There is no such thing as mothers and fathers or families.
The babies are conditioned since very little. They are conditioned in different ways because there are different classes of people: Alpha, Beta, Delta, Epsilons, and Gamma…The best is Alpha. For …