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Blue Exorcist

Even though I personally mostly read novels, I am very open to different types of books which is why I decided to tell you about the great manga by Kazue Kato: Blue Exorcist (1) Rin Okumara and his twin brother Yukio, are teenage orphans and grew up in a monastery with Father Shiro Fujimoto. Rin gets into a lot of fights and comes home often with his face bruised. Fujimoto encourages Rin to get a job but he isn’t interested in “normal” jobs. To the contrary of his brother, Yukio works hard at school and dreams to become a doctor.

One day, Fujimoto convinces Rin to go to a job interview to become a cook’s apprentice. But on the way there, he meets a gang with whom he got in a fight with the night before. They ask Rin how much money he wants for him to keep his mouth shut about the fight, but Rin refuses. The brain of the gang, possessed by a demon, gets mad and tries to hit him. But mysteriously, when the man hits him, blue flames come out of Rin.


Eleanor and Park

This week I am going to review the most touching love story I have read in a long time: Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. Eleanor Douglas is a sixteen year old girl with an original sense of clothing and big red hair. She wants to be invisible, but she is everything but that. She got kicked out of her house a year before by her stepdad, a violent alcoholic and drug consumer, Richie. She lived with an old friend of her mother’s for a year, the Hickmans, but then got invited back to her home. Well, if you can call it a home: Eleanor has to share a small room with her four siblings, struggles to have enough food, doesn’t have toothpaste nor shampoo and falls asleep to the sound of her mother crying and Richie screaming.

On the first day of school she gets in the bus hoping that nobody noticed her but everybody turns around to look at her and her big red hair. She sits next to a boy called Park.
Park is half Korean and half American. He has dark hair and always wears black t-shirts and lo…


Welcome to The Young Reader's Review! This is my first post on this blog and I have to start with the book that should be obligatory to read: 1984 by George Orwell.

The story takes place in 1984 in London that bizarrely takes place in Oceania. Let me justify this: the world is divided into three parts; Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia. Oceania is controlled by a dictator: Big Brother. He’s the kind of person that haunts your dreams and makes you wake up panting, thankful that the dream has stopped. He watches all of Oceania at all times of the day with tele screens that are everywhere: in the streets, in the shops and even in the people’s apartments. He resembles Stalin physically:

 But why does he do this? 
Big Brother wants to assure that everything you do is to glorify him, he doesn’t want you to do anything to make yourself happy. You cannot write, love, or even think what you want (that is called thoughtcrime). If you don’t respect these rules, you can be hanged or brought to a pla…