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Top Ten Books To Read in 2017

Hello and welcome back to The Young Reader's Review! Here we are, 2017 is finally upon us! I realized that  Top Ten Books To Read In 2016 was very popular last year, so to celebrate a new beginning, I have decided to write the 2017 version of this as you can infer by the title. This year, I have mainly read classics which is the reason why most of the books below aren’t “Young Adult Books”. But, these books can of course be read by “Young Adults” and I have read all of these in 2016. So, enjoy!
1.The Hunchback of Notre-Dame (Notre-Dame de Paris) by Victor Hugo
We have all heard of this book that has truly made its mark in French literature and culture, but most of us are intimidated by its daunting seven hundred pages and its “long and tedious” descriptions. If you do think this, you are greatly mistaken. Do not worry, I thought this too! The detailed descriptions flow ever so smoothly with the writing and the story will leave you gripping onto your seat! Also, I find the way Hugo…