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Romeo and Juliet

Hello! Welcome to the Young Reader's Review! These days I have reviewed rather recent books which is why today I’m going to bring us back to the sixteenth century.So today, I’m going to review a classic that everybody knows: Romeo and Juliet by the amazing William Shakespeare.
This story, is absolutely breathtaking. I was expecting something big, but not as big as this. The style, the poetry, the drama, everything about it is pure genius. The characters are very well developed, and we get very attached to them. Despite the very well-known ending, we can’t help but shed a tear.
The story takes place in Italy, in the village of Verona. In this village, there are two principal families: the Capulets, and the Montagues. As you can probably guess, this family has a history of feuds and are enemies. This tension is the base of the whole story.
The story starts with two servants in the streets of Verona. They aren’t just any servants, one is from the Capulet family and the other from the M…