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The Great Gatsby

Hello! Welcome to The Young Reader's Review! So, last time I reviewed the classic comic that will never age: The Adventures of Tintin. But then, I suddenly realized that I haven’t talked on this blog about a classic novel in a really long time. The last one I did was Brave New Worldin July last year… time really flies. Anyway, this is the reason why today I chose to review a classic novel that you MUST read! It was seriously utterly amazing. So today I am reviewing, The Great Gatsby by the grand F. Scott Fitzgerald.  I personally came across this book by accident, I literally found it laying around. So I thought, that I’d give it a go since a lot of people seemed to enjoy it. I was very impressed. Everything; the writing, the story, the plot, was so charismatic and addictive. Once you start reading this rather short book, you can’t stop, you just keep going until you realize that you’re already done with it and a morose look takes over your face and then you start becoming emotiona…