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The Black Island

Hello! Welcome to The Young Reader's Review! Before starting this brand new review, I wanted to thank all of those who have been on this blog, because The Young Readers Review has now more than 1 000 views! You cannot imagine how important this blog is to me and for it to have 1 000 views is absolutely extraordinary and that I’m very grateful of the fact that people actually read it.

So I was laying on my bed staring into the abyss thinking of a book that I could possibly review. Nothing came to my mind at first. I laid there for what seemed hours before I decided to get up…to go stare at the books sitting on my rather broad bookshelf. I examined closely every book until an idea came to my mind; why not review a comic from The Adventures of Tintin, one of the most brilliant masterpieces in the history of comic-books. So that’s what triggered my body to get up and to go fetch my computer to type away. I have to admit that it was difficult to choose one comic-book, but I chose the o…