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Top Ten Books To Read In 2016

Hello! Welcome to The Young Reader's Review! So here we are…Already the end of 2015. Is it just me, or did this year go by particularly quickly? Anyway, today is a special day so I need to do something special. So instead of doing a book review, I am going to list ten books that I read in 2015 that you need to read in 2016. Let’s get started!
1: 1984 by George Orwell
I cannot explain how amazing this book is. The writing is magnificent, and the ideas are very spine-tingling. It’s a must (If you want more information about it, go check out my very first blog review).
2: All The Bright Places by Jennifer Diven
It’s a very touching love story about two people in completely different worlds. But beware: keep a tissue box close while reading this.
3: Les Fleurs Du Mal by Charles Baudelaire
If you like poetry, you will love Baudelaire. His style is literally breathtaking. The poems in this book are very interesting and my personal favorite is “The Albatross”.
4: Hamlet by William Shakespeare